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by Nicholas Kolesar

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Here's where you can find some of my focused content

Course Reviews

Reviewing my experiences and achievements from online learning. Covering a wide range of topics including programming, business, psychology, history, and more.


Collection of personal projects, design challenges, and some of my previous work. Most projects include a project blog and links to the final product.

Personal Blog

Articles covering design, technology, education, or other topics that inspire me. Recently this has been focused on the review of online courses.


This is my personal website and project blog covering the following content:
Technology. Education. Gaming. Design.

Over the past few years I've taken dozens of courses from sites like edX and Coursera, covering a broad range of subjects. I write reviews for these and other online learning sources while continuing my own professional development.

Occasionally I challenge myself to build something with my acquired skills, and apply technical design in creative ways. I document the process and link to the final products through my project blogs.

Also, I will occasionally write personal post on topics that interest me, usually in the field of technology, education, or gaming.

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    An experienced web application developer, having worked on sites for airlines, education, and personal use.

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    Designed interactive educational content, technical documents, and simple user interfaces

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    Worked QA on a console release title, and have become well versed in game design and its potential use in other fields.

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    An actor and musician, which has served me well in communication and generally being more well-rounded.

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