Crypto Caesar Plus

Message to Encrypt

Shift Seperated by commas

1. Use the first drop down to select how to divide the message
--- Word: Every x words
--- Letter: Every x letters
--- Section: Divide message into x sections*. Halfs, thirds, fourths, ect

2. Select a number from the second drop down, used to distribute the shifts based on first dropdown
--- 1: Applies the first shift to the entire message, as in a Caesar Cipher
--- 2-12: Applies shifts to every two (or more) letters or words. Or creates two (or more) sections.

3. Enter a comma separated list of single character shifts. This can be numbers or letters.
Note: We will NOT parse your initial data, or automatically separate words. The output removes spaces

*Note: Sections are not necessarily always of equal length.
We use (Message Length / Sections) rounded down, to determine the size of the chunks.