Hiragana / ひらがな: Kana Audio Quiz

Select the checkboxes for the Kana sets you wish to quiz
Press the New Letter button to start the first audio prompt
Choose the button which shows the same Kana that was pronunced

Press 'Clear' to unselect all of the current kana sets
Press 'English' to toggle on/off the English guides for the full keyboard
Press 'Random' to toggle between the full keyboard, or a set of Random Kana Charecters

This Hiragana quiz is a personal project meant for non-commercial use, and borrows from several existing resources
HTML: Started with the html from the Lexilogos Hiragana Keyboard page
Audio: Audio taken from About.com Learn Japanese and the Hirigana Characters Anki Deck made by TextFugu

Please send comments or corrections to technologyImprov@gmail.com