BE101x Behavioural Economics in Action

BE101x Behavioural Economics in Action

Institution: University of TorontoX (edX)

Date: October 14, 2013 - December 16, 2013

Bio: This course studies Behavioral economics; with a heavy emphasis in lab experimentation and result driven data. After introducing the basic psych principles, the majority of the course focuses on how to effectively design and implement experiments; and how to use the data from those experiments to implement changes in governments or businesses. Students read papers from real world examples where such experiments had been implemented to various effect. There course also has a focus on nudging techniques over restriction or incentive based behavioral strategies.

Accomplishments: I completed the course with an 88% grade between the in course exams and the final peer review project. For the final project I proposed a nudge to improve energy consumption within local communities, and then formerly designed an experiment which would test the effectiveness of the nudge compared to a control group and under various circumstances.

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