ChinaX Complete

ChinaX Complete

Institution: HarvardX (edX)

Date: November 11, 2013 - March 20, 2015

Bio: Since I first reviewed this course, ChinaX has now finally released the 10th module of its first iteration. Spanning 50 weeks of material and covering 8000 years of China's history. The material now exist as a self paced series that students can take at their own pace. Each module covering a section of a couple hundred years with each section usually having a cohesive theme.

The second part of the course saw a slight change in style as the two ChinaX Professors traded off as it moved into modern China (1800-2015). In addition to the talking head format they started using videos from class lectures and discussions. They also had several features with footage and interviews taken in China specifically for this course.

Almost 1200 students worldwide completed the assessment for the 10th module, with many more auditing the course. In the future, they are talking about updating the course by adding even more content to the existing modules and improving the navigation and features.

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