Institution: HarvardX (edX)

Date: November 11, 2013 - On going

Bio: ChinaX is an ambitious, massively scoped history course covering the History of China. It has been divided into a series of 10 mini-courses, each of which lasting 4-8 weeks. The content is made up of high production lectures and conversations between the Professors and TA's; supplemental material from museums, writings, and interactive tools; and encouragement to participate in discussion boards with the other ChinaX students. The content is very well produced and highly engaging. While the course does not assign any papers or comprehensive exams, the content is interspersed with 'engagement assessments' between the various lectures and readings which are graded based on limited attempt questions; and each mini course has a summary assessment upon its completion.

Accomplishments: I took this course both as a general interest in history, and as it was the first massively comprehensive history course I've seen offered on any platform (The entire series of mini courses should take over a year to complete) or for any specific country. As of March 2014, I have completed through part 3 of the course (covering from 6000BC - 700AD), and intend to see it through to its completion.

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