Cloud Computing Concepts Part 2

Cloud Computing Concepts Part 2

cloud_computing_concepts_part02Institution: University of Illinois (Coursera)

Date: March 16, 2015 - April 26, 2015

Bio: Picking up where the first course left off, this course finishes covering some of the core concepts of cloud computing such as leader election and concurrency control. It then starts to go into some more specific tangential topics like graph processing, sensor networks, security concerns, and outages case studies.

The quality of the material remains just as good as the first course. They switched from bi-weekly to weekly quizzes and have given a little more leeway on number of attempts, making it easier to ensure high marks. But the quality and challenge of the questions are still above the average I've seen from other Coursera courses.

The optional programming assignment was a direct continuation from the first course. Students are asked to re-implement their membership joining code from the previous assignment, and then add key-value store functionality. However this assignment has yet to address the issues from the first course with legacy code and bugs unrelated to the course material.

Accomplishments: I completed the homework and final exam with distinction (well over 90%) but did not have time to attempt the optional programming assignment due to the technical issues with the course.

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