Computing for Data Analysis

Computing for Data Analysis

Institution: Johns Hopkins University (Coursera)

Date: January 6, 2014 - February 2, 2014

Bio: Computing for Data Analysis is primarily a four week cram courser in R programming; and is now also part of a specialization curriculum for Data Science. It quickly breezes over standard programming syntax and focuses most of your time on statistical interpretation and representation. There are several programming projects which take advantage of real world data, and strike a good balance between walking you through the programming and asking you to do things on your own. However there were certain examples it had you complete that were never assessed, and room for a little more difficulty and depth in the programming assignments.

Accomplishments: I completed the course with a 100% grade and distinction. This included several quizzes based on the R programming language, and programming assignments involving real world data such as air pollution, hospital care, and Baltimore Crime statistics. Programming assignments involved formatting and plotting data, and were computer graded based on returned query information (such as ranking state hospitals based on survival rates, given a specific state and ailment).

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