Creative Programming for Digital Media and Mobile Apps

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps

Institution: University of London (Coursera)

Date: June 10, 2013 - July 22, 2013

Bio: Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps is an applied creative programming course focusing on web and mobile app development. The course primarily focuses on 'Processing' as its programming language. While the programming instruction is rather remedial (suitable for non-programmers); they do put a lot of focus on using interactivity, image, and sound manipulation. One of the online aspects the course really benefits from is the Peer Review grading of other students projects. Seeing other students work in this context is a great way to introduce students to applying creative design in ways they may not have thought of themselves.

Accomplishments: In addition to getting perfect scores for all of the exams; I completed the programming assignment and got full marks from the peer review. The final form of my project was an 'Ambient Rainstorm' web application, which included several context sensitive mouse interactions. You can find a screen cast showing off this projects here.

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