Institution: University of Maryland (Coursera)

Date: November 10, 2014 - January 25, 2015

Bio: Part of a four course specialization on Cyber Security. The course covers Cryptographic principles starting at Substitution ciphers and going all the way to RSA public key encryption and Digital signatures.

The course offers optional programming assignments for the distinction track, which highlight vulnerabilities in poorly implemented cryptography concepts. These included padding oracle attacks, forging RSA signatures, and breaking basic CBC-MAC implementation.

The course follows a similar structure as the Stanford Crypto course I took a while ago, even having some similar programming assignments. However it is on a more relaxed schedule with seven weeks of content spread out over three months. The grading in this course was probably a bit more relaxed as well.

Accomplishments: Completed the course with distinction, which includes completing all of the programming assignments in addition to high scores on the quizzes and final exam.

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