Fundamentals of Neuroscience Part 3: The Brain

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Fundamentals of Neuroscience Part 3: The Brain

Institution: HarvardX (edX)

Date: October 10, 2015 - February 12, 2016

Bio: The third in the neuroscience series, hosted outside of edX itself. While the first course focused on the properties of individual neurons, and the second on networks and connections between neurons; the third course focuses on the brain itself, specifically on the senses.

Each section this time around focuses on a different sense or series of senses (i.e visual, auditory, olfactory, movement, ect.) It also goes into more detail about specific regions of the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord. In that sense each section is more self contained rather than building off each other as in the previous courses.

Their interactive labs are pretty much gone at this point, and the material is largely lecture base. This course is also the least technically difficulty of the three courses in my opinion, though they still don't shy away from giving you all of the scientific terminology and explanations.

There seem to have been even more technical problems and delays in this course, as it seems each new iteration has slightly less attention or polish focused on it then the last. This may be due to feedback from the other sessions, or simply due to the nature of the material. However it is still a relatively dense science class compared to many other online courses.

Accomplishments: I completed all of the course material, and scored a 92.2% on the final exam.

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