Hardware Security

Hardware Security

Institution: University of Maryland (Coursera)

Date: January 5, 2015 - March 18, 2015

Bio: Part of a four course specialization on Cyber Security. The course covers the vulnerabilities and defensive for a number circuit design issues; including IP protection, physical and side channel attacks, Trojan detection, and general good practices.

The course is a bit of a 'hardware theory' experience. Lectures go into good depth on each topic and are both informative and instructive. However without a lab component, the single example that goes along with each topic often isn't enough to prepare the student for any real world applications.

The Course assessment questions were a bit more robust then other courses, including some circuit design analysis and modular inverse problems. However overall assessment was ruined by quizzes allowing multiple attempts and telling you what you got wrong each time, making it trivial to 100% the course.

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