HarvardX CS50: Introduction to Computer Science

CS50: Introduction to Computer Science

Institution: HarvardX

Date: October 20, 2012 - April 16, 2013

Bio: CS50 is an intro level class to computer programming that is both accessible and challenging. While the course starts with 'What is binary' and 'Hello world' in a C environment, it eventually covers such topics as recovering deleted data, file compression, and introduces HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. It offers both a 'new to programming' and 'hackers edition' course work tracks.

Accomplishments: While I took the course mostly to see what a Harvard class was like, it ended up going into a lot more depth than any of the beginning comp sci classes I had taken in high school or college. In addition to the coding work mentioned above, I also used the lessons on PHP, JavaScript and the like to complete my Dynamic Programming Language Syntax Comparison page.

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