Intro to Linux

asset-v1 LinuxFoundationX+LFS101x.2+1T2015+type@thumbnail+block@MOOC_thumbnail-linux-262x136-375x200Introduction to Linux

Institution: Linux Foundation (edX)

Date: Self-paced

Bio: Introduction to Linux is a self paced course sponsored by the Linux foundation. The content they cover is fairly through, covering everything from how to login to Linux or change the background of the GUI; to detailing the entire Linux boot process, networking issues, and introducing basic bash scripting.

It is effectively an online textbook, with the majority of its content being delivered through written articles. If you don't already own a Linux reference guide or want yet another structured approach to learning Linux from the ground up this course serves well enough. An advanced Linux course is scheduled for August 2015.

The course encourages you to have a VM or system running one of the three major Linux distributions they cover so you can 'play along'. They occasionally prompt you with labs or have video walkthroughs to show how to execute basic commands once, but this doesn't do that much to reinforce the material.

It feels like what this course lacks is a more comprehensive project or 'Linux administrative' narrative in which you are using what you learned more often and in context of real world situations.

Accomplishments: The course has an assessed series of 30 questions at the end, which I was able to complete flawlessly over the duration of the course. However it was not a particularly demanding assessment.

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