Leaders of Learning

Leaders of Learning

Institution: HarvardX (edX)

Date: July 08, 2014 - Aug 12, 2014

Bio: This course can best be likened to a high school career assessment test that focuses specifically on the education field.

Leaders of Learning acknowledges that between historical experience and new advancements, there are multiple environments in which learning can take place. It loosely defines the categories of Hierarchical Individual (traditional classrooms), Hierarchical Collective (coaching/community leaders), Distributed Individual (self paced online education), and Distributed Collective (ex: Wikipedia).

Over 4-6 weeks it uses these categories to examine the philosophies of learning, leadership, organization, and design; and tries to guide you towards figuring out where your own personal philosophies of learning fit in.

The most valuable part of the course is that it gives a diverse set of concrete examples for specific institutions, organizations, and communities that are operating within all of those categories; which can help give a broader view of the different opportunities you may want start grooming yourself for.

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