Software Security

Software Security

Institution: University of Maryland, College Park (Coursera)

Date: Oct 20, 2014 - Nov 28, 2014

Bio: 'Software Security' is part of a four course Specialization Certificate in Cybersecurity. It covers programming security concerns such as low level programming languages (Buffer overflow, string formatting attacks), web security (SQL injection, session hijacking, ect), and automated testing (static analysis, symbolic execution, and penetration testing).

The course expects you to have a background equivalent to a 3rd year undergrad student, though most of the technical complexity is front loaded and eases up in the later topics. Projects are given through Linux VM's, and knowledge of C and some basic web programming are required.

The lectures consider each of these fields from both a White hat and Black hat perspective. Three programming projects have students executing security exploits against specifically crafted vulnerable programs; though it only talks generally about how less vulnerable systems might be attacked. There is obviously a lot more to the subject, but this course does well in providing both broad knowledge on the topic as well as a 'slice of depth' into its foundations.

Accomplishments: Completed all of the programming labs, and scored high enough on all of the quizzes to pass with distinction. I did not participate in the Verified Certificate program as I don't believe that system offers enough value to be worth the cost currently.

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