MITx 6.002: Circuits and Electronics

Institution: MITx

Review link: MITx and 6.002x review

Date: March 10, 2012 - June 14, 2012

Bio: Circuits and Electronics introduces electrical engineering through the model of lumped circuit abstraction. This course was particularly innovative for having a robust simulated circuit lab online in which students were required to create or complete circuits, in addition to demanding homework assignments and brutal exams.

It was the first course released through the MITx (now edX) platform and was also one of the most intensive and demanding courses, covering a 16 week curriculum with lectures twice a week and plenty of required course work each week.

Accomplishments: 6.002x was the first open source online course I took, and there is an extensive review of both my experience of it and the MITx platform. I completed this course successfully, earning a grade of 91%.

An extensive review of this course can be found here.

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