Random News: Molydeux, False Positives, Database Tweaks

A couple short news post for your enjoyment. A game jam titled "What would Molydeux?" is behind held this weekend using the eccentric design ideas of parody twitter account Peter Molydeux. Turns out science isn't an exact science when a false positive in MITx's auto grading system waste several hours of my time. And some progress has been made on my Language Syntax Comparison project

Project: Programming Language Syntax Comparison - part 2

Project: Language Syntax Comparison - XML vs Database

When people are approaching a new problem, they tend to want to solve it using the tools they are most familiar with. In this case, I can recall using XML as a manner of sending data and configurations in a number of projects I've developed in the past. It is something I've worked with before and the text document like data I'm working with seems like it would fit well. Once I started thinking about scalability however, the limitations of an xml based plan became apparent.