Update on the Open Education Scene

MITx is dead. Long live MITx.

You may have already noticed the news on my twitter feed, but MITx has recently announced that it has partnered with Harvard in the online education initiative. They have announced the new site edX which will act as the hub for future online university level classes. MITx will still exist, but now it will be a part of the larger edX branding which will include courses from Harvard as well, and eventually from other universities who choose to participate.

The press conference announcing this move is posted on the front page of their new site, where you can also find lots of other information and sign up to be notified of class offerings. Classes should be available this fall.

Class dismissed

The MITx final is over and done with and marks the completion of the first free high level open university course from the open course ware platform. I plan on doing a full review and recap later, but MITx posted some interesting stats on its site today I thought were worth sharing. The even shorter version is that over 150 thousand signed up out of interst in the class. Just over 10,000 seriously pursued the course material, and 70% of those got at least a C in the course.

Course statistics:

  • 6.002x had 154,763 registrants.
  • Of these, 69,221 people looked at the first problem set, and 26,349 earned at least one point on it.
  • 13,569 people looked at the midterm while it was still open.10,547 people got at least one point on the midterm, and 9,318 people got a passing score on the midterm.
  • 10,262 people looked at the final exam while it was still open, 8,240 people got at least one point on the final exam, and 5,800 people got a passing score on the final exam.
  • Finally, after completing 14 weeks of study, 7,157 people have earned the first certificate awarded by MITx, proving that they successfully completed 6.002x.

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