Programming Language Syntax Comparison

About this Project

The purpose of this project is to have, at a glance, a way to compare the syntax from a programming language you are familiar with to a programming language you are trying to learn. Rather then looking up individual functions, you can quickly see how loops are executed in different languages, whether or not you need semicolons, different methods of variable assignment, changes in key word use, and more!

This site was created using PHP, html, javascript, AJAX, SQL, and phpMyAdmin.

It stores examples of programming syntax from different computer programming languages, and then using a template based on the static html page for VB.NET and C# Comparison, dynamically creates a page that can compare any two languages syntax.

The syntax examples are stored by sections, such as "Data Types", and then further identified by the specific type of example, such as how Data Type Assignment works. In this way, when two languages do not share or have a specific syntaxtual component such as structs, the page can be scaled so as to omit that entry. This also allows the sections to be re-ordered at a later date, and for new syntax examples to be included with ease.

To this end, I have also created a set of administrative tools to allow the creation of new sections, languages, and syntax examples. The most involved of these is a page that allows an opt user to edit or create the formatted coding syntax examples. This page also allows users to see for each language, at a glance, which sections currently have data and which still need to be populated. Ideally this will allow the creation and polishing of new languages in the future.

However, these administrative tools have not currently been pushed live and are only active on the dev server.

The work that went into designing and creating the dynamic aspects of this website are entirely my own. The syntax examples and the inspiration for this site however can be attributed to a number of people whome I would like to thank and acknowledge


Dr. Frank McCown, Harding University.

The original inspiration for this project came from the existing works on the page VB.NET and C# Comparison. The general structure, as well as most all of the code examples for VB.NET, C#, and Java came from the people who helped create that site.

This is CS50:

I started this project using the CS50 pset7 template, which offered a small number of baseline functionality to get thigns rolling.

Html purifier:

These php files include the Html purifier library to deal with escaping the coding examples in the main page and admin tools to preserve html formatting and allowing the coding examples to display as text.

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